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  Capacitor check

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Capacitor check   Sat 19 Mar 2011, 9:27 pm

Capacitor check

Capacitors are checked more than one way .. Easiest is to use a scanner
Alaomitr .. And a preliminary diagnosis which gives you this intense sound ornot ..

Alaomitr using analogue

A more accurate .. All you need is the first and make sure Intensity Discharge Screened
Of any ship found, and then put the parties to the examiner on the capacitor..
You'll notice a little resistance increases gradually depending on the capacity of this intense ..
Intense sound

If this intensive corrupted .. There will be no read .. Or will give a read
To a small fixed resistance does not change ..
Heavy damaged

Using digital Alaomitr

No different from the analogue except that there are quicker to respond andyou should ..
Note that the high resistance of up to OL value Alamenthia ..
Note: not affected by the polarity of the Parties to a Alaomitr significantly in measurements

Scanners capacitors

There are multiple devices to examine the intense, including analogue anddigital, including
It gives an accurate value of the capacitance and whether damaged or not ..


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Capacitor check
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