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 Inspection of integrated circuits in general

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Inspection of integrated circuits in general   Sun 20 Mar 2011, 8:34 am

Inspection of integrated circuits in general
IC's test ways

Are in the form of integrated circuits for some of the
We review some of the damage
The following

* Palace of partial or
Complete between the parties
* Short
If the result of measurement was noted that the effort of continuous feeding (for example, was 12-volt) Ali
By the integrated circuit is less than half the nominal value (less than 6 volts) and that this
Effort is on the outskirts of the integrated circuit or most of those circuit
Integrated damaged as a result of a short internal, and in this case replaced

* Cut an inner circle
* Open circuit

If it was observed as a result of measuring the voltage on the outskirts of the integrated circuit that the effort of Nutrition
Located on one side (party Nutrition Vcc) while he is absent on the rest of the Parties
Completely, that the integrated circuit has been cut to her constituency as a result of internal
Current Plus and should be replaced

* Disruption of work:

Evidenced by the disruption of the work of integrated circuits to monitor the ongoing efforts to
Parties and compare it with the efforts listed on the chart "finished ....
He also said dealing with integrated circuits:
Integrated circuits shall not be tampered with or any error in measurement or delivery, it is
Porosis immediately if you experience an increase in nutrition or errors in delivery or heat
Redundant or even a magnetic field pulse or very transient.
Is therefore advisable to examine the circuit elements correctly before proceeding with the replacement of the Chamber
Integrated because the survival of the original cause of the malfunction exists, would lead to destruction of the Chamber
Once integrated within the stage or putting together the section in which it operates.
And also advised when measuring efforts try to put sensors on the meter points connected
With the parties to the integrated circuit instead of being placed on the outskirts of the integrated circuit
Directly. Because it is easy to slip these sensors leading to the short circuit between the parties
Integrated Vtnkrb, it also recommended the acquisition of measurement sensors with sharp enough
Itchy unformed any oxidation on the points of welding. It also reduces the likelihood of sliding probe

And other advice that does not loosen or shake any piece only if the device is disconnected from
Power because it would create a transient pulses may lead to destruction of some
Integrated circuits


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Inspection of integrated circuits in general
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