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 How to test Triac

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: How to test Triac    Sun 20 Mar 2011, 8:45 am

How to test Triac

Using a measurement Almmeltimitr

Can using a measurement of the test Almmeltimitr Altrellak
Follow the following method

* Place the device on the selection of analogue high resistance 100K

* Reached the positive wire of the device with a party of MT1 Trellak
.. As with the negative terminal MT2 "or vice versa" ..
Must in this case to get the value of resistance is very high, "oropen-circuit"
* Place the analogue to choose low resistance ..
* Reached the positive wire of the device with both the party and MT1
Altrellak base at the same time .. While the negative terminal wire witha party
MT2 .. In this case should work Altrellak and you get to read theresistance

Use of a check

When you press the # key, the compressor must
That the light operates continuously even when the lift
Hand from the key
# can replace the lamp LED with polychlorinated Dwy
Resistance of 1 kilo


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How to test Triac
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