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 Examination of thyristor

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Examination of thyristor   Sun 20 Mar 2011, 10:34 am

Examination of thyristor

Thyristor-scale resistance screening

Is measured as follows thyristor

1 - make Alavo On a scale Ohms in one 1x
2 - Keep a positive Alavo Iyrustor on the cathode and the anode negativeAlavo Iyrustor
3 - do not move Mosher Alavo does not read anything
4 - From this situation we shorts between the anode and jet reads Alavo inthe range of 15 ohms
Reading remains constant even after the removal of shorts

Thyristor examination by an electronic circuit

Description of the electronic circuit
Service Checker Thaerstor Thyristor The Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)

Electronic circuit

This very simple circuit, consisting of 12-volt bulb, or any conditioncommensurate with the effort
Voltage battery used .. A Chamber after injection
Ierstor positive gate voltage which makes Ierstor in the case of delivery, which shines light bulb
Will not extinguish the bulb, but after one season Parties
Ierstor Calcined or Alkthod Sriat to stop the trend .. This is what the key
No. 2

Installation of electronic circuit

You can also install these
Circle in the Fund to be a useful device in your workshop andelectronic


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Examination of thyristor
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