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  AC alternating current

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PostSubject: AC alternating current   Wed 17 Nov 2010, 2:51 pm

alternating current

And call it a shortcut to AC alternating current or AC .. A trend that is where change Qtabith 120 times per second "
For the frequency 60 Hz "the most important characteristic of the AC adapters that can be connected to Alkahrbaibp with him .. so as to reduce or raise the voltage

Introduction to AC

Power fed to the electrical power supply can be plugged either comes from a source of constant current (DC) or a source of alternating current (AC).
Electricity in DC with electronics constantly in one direction from the power source through the connector to the load and back again to the power source. Voltage in the DC power remains constant. Power sources include continuous stream of batteries, generators, DC. When you use the AC generator, the electrons pass in the direction of then reflect the trend. Generator generator has a name, another alternator. Generator AC reflects the polarity of the parties several times a second. and pass electrons through a conductor from the negative terminal to the positive terminal, in the first direction and then in the other direction

AC (variable - AC) in the form of pocket wave
AC Sine Wave

AC voltage and current changing in an ongoing basis. Graphical representation of the AC in the form of the wave of the pocket. can form a wave that represents the current Jeep or effort. There axes. Vertical axisrepresents the direction of direction and value (the amount of - Capacity) magnitude current or voltage. Horizontal axis represents the time

When the waveform above the axis time current flows in a certain direction. This is known as the positive direction of the trend. When the waveform below the axis of time current flows in the opposite direction. This is known as the negative trend direction.
Move (move) waveform sinus through a complete cycle consisting of a 360-degree, which defines "per session"one cycle. AC Many of these sessions every second. Unit measure the number of cycles per second Hz is hertz. In the United States usually generates AC power at 60 Hertz.

AC unilateral facial (Tur - Abulfaz) and triple-faceted
AC divided into two types
: mono-face single-phase and three-faceted three-phase. Uses AC unilateral demands in the face of small electrical such as is found in the house.
It uses the AC three-faceted, where required large blocks of energy, such as that found in commercial applications and industrial facilities. AC unilateral facial shown above. AC three-faceted shown in the following illustration is a continuous series of three sessions of the nested (overlapping) overlapping of the AC. Each wave represents a face and shifted 120 degrees

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AC alternating current
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