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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Robot    Wed 17 Nov 2010, 2:58 pm


Robot word robot was introduced in the Czech Republic play Carl in 1920. And the title of the play and then robots international. The word robot in the Czech language means hard work. And from this date began to spread the word in books and films of science fiction first gave the idea of ​​perception and scientific about these robots who invade the world. And given the significant scope and promises a great man who will intervene in the wonder of many things and the most important industry. And has been putting a lot of studies and projections for this robot, which subsequently failed. But after a lot of good design development and serious attention to a lot of details and minute things, the engineers succeeded in providing a variety of automated systems for many industries expected in the near future.
Today, because of the enormous development of computers and artificial intelligence technologies, and mania in the development of space programs, we are on the verge of another major achievement in the field of science design robots robots. If the robot is a programmable manipulator seconds and can do many tasks and
Allocated to move materials, parts, tools or machinery across the different movements of certain programming to perform a number of tasks

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