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 Seven segment display

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Seven segment display   Tue 22 Mar 2011, 10:35 am

Seven segment display

Model numbers

A set of high luminous grubs
11 or 13 mm 3 of which are paved horizontal and vertical development of four (vertical ... vertical) enables
Representation of the numbers from 0 to

Be a digital representation of the bar that any standard Alkatod cathodes assembled at the seven
The negative of Nutrition (terrestrial)
When the representation of the number 2 for example, must feed the parties e. d. g. b
., and arrived with a complex Alkatodat
To the negative side of the feed

When you purchase a casual numbers
Seven of proving any of the
Cultivars connected to the anode or
Connected Alkatod

Model to work with the bar counter

IC 4511 is working on the one hand
Kmvk of symbols received from the counter
Caldarp 4518 or 4029 circuit
On the other hand feeds the casual
Seven figures (seven
Dieudat illuminated) by the symbol
Who used the jaws 7
Resistors between the screwdriver (symbols
4011) and the crossbar to determine the severity of
Power Resistors can be used
$ 330 ohms for effort 9
Entrances: A.B.C.D be
Parties 1. 2. 6 and 7, namely
Parties to accept a custom 4-byte
bits, in dealing with the logic 0 or 1

QED analyzed by
The following table


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Seven segment display
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