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  Simple power supply 5 volt

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amr mohamed
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   Simple power supply 5 volt Empty
PostSubject: Simple power supply 5 volt      Simple power supply 5 volt I_icon_minitimeTue 22 Mar 2011, 12:44 pm

Simple power supply 5 volt
Description of Service

This circuit is simpler and better nutrition services organization for the continuing effort .. For this
It is very common ..
In addition to the simplicity of installation .. Is also composed of elementsare cheap and available

Standardization Department

Source of nutrition 220 volts or 110
By converter
Output voltage: 5 V constant voltage regulator
Output current: 1 amp
The integrated circuit contains internal protection against minors

Circuit diagram
   Simple power supply 5 volt Pwr5v10

At first the switch
Effort to reduce power source whether it is 110 volts or 220 volts AC to a small effort
12 volt ..
Then comes the bridge of unification, which converts the AC voltage wave toa continuous effort
Ripple in the output .. And that the reception of intensive Ptenaim this effortto reach as much as
Possible to stability .. Then comes the role of the integrated circuit thatcontains within it
On a set of transistors that organize the ongoing effort to give unregulatedin
Continuously output a constant voltage regulator ..


The core of this circle is circle
Integrated .. To this must be emphasized and developed the right way andtaking into account the direction

   Simple power supply 5 volt 7805ca10

   Simple power supply 5 volt 781210

   Simple power supply 5 volt Pcb78010


Power Adapter 110-220 Volt
/ 6 Volt
Arch unification 1A or 4
Mouhdat 1N4001 or 1N4004
Capacitor 1000 Maikarovarad .. 16
Integrated circuit
Capacitor 100 Maikarovarad 16
Intense 100 ns fled


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Simple power supply 5 volt
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