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  Integrated 4516_4510

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  Integrated   4516_4510 45104510

4510 is an integrated family of cmos and this integrated working Kaadad the counting
Ascending and Descending and graduation numbers on the bilateral system exits

  Integrated   4516_4510 Untitl17

As is clear drawing consists of the Service:

Age 15

the age of introduction of integrated pulses and works with both the
rise of the pulse, when a pulse is integrated to increase one or
decrease by one settings

Age 5

the age of activating pulses in order to respond to the entrance of
integrated pulses applied to them and to respond to the integrated
pulses should be a negative effort
Negative voltage pulses entrance --------> do
-------> Positive effort not respond integrated pulses and ignored and if they do not exist

Age 10

This age is in control of the count, whether ascending or descending
When there is attic -------> positive effort to become integrated equipped to prepare Ascending
And when there is attic -------> negative effort to become integrated equipped to prepare Descending
And counting the pulses through the entrance (age 15)

Age 9

the age of the work of re-run of the circle and reset the counter and
this is through the application of a positive effort attic
And so when the work has to be integrated to link this age negative voltage to operate in a stable integrated

Years 4,12,13,3

Years is the entrance to a binary number consists of 4 boxes
In order to come up with this number on the exits at any time we want
For example, we can put the number 3 on bilateral approaches in order to get it out directly on the vent

Age 1

Age figure this out on the bilateral years entrances to exits years regardless of the number on the exits of the gross count
In order to move the number on the exits of the years of development effort must be positive
And to prepare an integrated development effort must be negative on this age
For example, if the number 3 is located on years entrances
Age and attic No. 1 effort and negative counting of pulses during the entrance
And you put the effort a positive tooth No. 1
number 3 will appear on the vent and is not affected by the number 3
bites at the entrance of pulses to be placed on the negative voltage Age
# 1
Now number 3 is located on exits
if you put effort minus a tooth No. 1 will remain the number 3 exists
but no pulse at the entrance of pulses will increase the number to 4

Age 7

This age is used for the effort Kkrj negative
It comes out only when a negative voltage Figure 9
And therefore uses Kkrj placed at the entrance of other integrated in order to prepare dozens

Years 6,11,14,2

Years to bring out the figure exits the system of bilateral

Integrated 4516

integrated the 4516 count from zero to 15
4510 The integrated counting from zero to 9
And there is not any difference between the Integrated is the only difference


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Integrated 4516_4510
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