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  Integrated 4015

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PostSubject: Integrated 4015    Integrated 4015 I_icon_minitimeWed 23 Mar 2011, 1:53 pm


 Integrated 4015 401510

4015 is the integrated package of family
cmos to migrate the data on the pin exits (shift Register) and working
The conversion of the serial to parallel system (Input serial /
output parallel)

Integrated by 2 separate relay of data, as is evident in the following picture

 Integrated 4015 4015210

Integrated work are simple and not complicated it by 3 years of the introduction of
Data and 4 years to get the data here, data intended for the efforts
Positive negative zero as 1

Consists of:

Age 1

Is the age at the entrance of pulses integrated and works with both the riseof the pulse (a positive effort) and with this rise is the implementation of thetwo

The first command

Effort is the transition from the (age No. 15) D any DATA to pin 13 Q0
If there is a positive effort to move to D and Q0
If there is a negative effort on D will move to Q0

The second thing

Is the transition effort on the director to the director the next
Any Q n = Q n +1
Voltage which is transmitted to the Q0 and Q1
Voltage which is transmitted to the Q1 and Q2
Voltage which is transmitted to the Q2 Q3

And to be so integrated is the mission work of the relay (Shift Register)
They leave the efforts to exits
And also the work of its mission to convert from serial to parallel (serial input / parallel output)
They come out of efforts to enact data D to the exits Q

Age No. No. 14

Reset of the integrated work, when you apply a positive effort to make himbe all exits zero any negative
And when we apply it the work of the integrated negative voltage to operate

Age 15

Is the data (0 and 1) or (positive and negative) that is taken out on theexits

Years 13 and 12 and 11, 2

Are the exits of the integrated

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Integrated 4015
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