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  Portable amplifier 20 watt circuit

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PostSubject: Portable amplifier 20 watt circuit   Thu 24 Mar 2011, 4:03 pm

Portable amplifier 20 watt circuit

Description of the electronic circuit

In matters of vital tourism buses and schools need the presence of a zoom (amplifiers)
With adequate capacity
To run a set of speakers or the subwoofer to be distributed in an area of ​​the bus
Interior to be on its way radio instructions or descriptions of things and describes the journey
Tourist sights

Electronic circuit

Explain the electronic circuit

Our project is described Technical circle meets all these requirements. And follow-up fee
Technical illustrated the use of transistor European number in the function of pre-amplifier or
Initial Pre-Amp and rose from the input signal dynamic microphone placed on the base
Transistor through the condenser and chemical resistance 1K 47μF and voltage breaker rule
A 68K resistance and processing resistances 10K + 10K plus them intensive
22μF chemical and which are at the same time recharge controlled between a part of
Collector output and income base, and resistance to 10K plus 18K resistance are carrying
Complex with the use of intensive chemotherapy 22μF order to stabilize the voltage. And the output signal after
Delivered to zoom up key and volume down and Volume is the resistance changing
$ 50 kilo ohms through the condenser 0.1μF The amplifiers and speakers incentive Drivers
Vocal ability has been used by the integrated number TDA2005S and notes that the addition of
Letter S at the end of the integrated number indicating that they mainly dedicated to the work of the stereo
Therefore, we must note at this point to buy and not buy the same number of integrated-free
Of the letter S.

in the return line, we find that the conduct of the reference level
abroad and controlled by Alveleom delivers integrated to my income by 1
and 5 by cross-resistance with the use of 22K
0.1μF capacitor link capacity of each of my income is income that is integrated and that each income
Speaker of Op. Amp non-reflector-to-face reference.

And an indication of emerging after zooming get them in line two by 8 over the intensive
Chemical 2200μF to a number of 4 amplifiers for voice objection each 4 ohms and the line
The second by 10 to four amplifiers sound similar (four amplifiers are installed each line
In the roof of the bus all over the passenger seat set at equal distances in
Elegant container sold ready for this purpose).

And the feeding system, the amplifier will depend on the feeding 12-volt car battery with
Note that the highest continuous effort allowed in the OS is 14.4 volts.

Remained final word and it is possible to use this amplifier to work in places or cellular
Camps on the 12-volt battery liquid or in the middle room on the feeder.
Circuit operation amplifier 20 watts, which works Palmtalat and transistors and
Ad Hoc to work within the tourist buses or cars


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Portable amplifier 20 watt circuit
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