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  Rf to A/V circuit

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Rf to A/V circuit   Thu 24 Mar 2011, 8:49 pm

Rf to A/V circuit

Department of conversion signal RFI
To the Video and Audio

Description of Service

But if we want to add a special chamber to the TV that will turn the situation
RF to the A / V
There we have some older types of television there is no special channel for the development of A / V
If the knees VCR or receiver often choose a channel on the UHF frequency and we deliver
Place the antenna cable up to the RF output device that we want to link it to your TV

Explain the circuit

Never explain
How to install the Service A / V

Tuner and phase-frequency interface and also know when diverge and follow the path of each other
Totally independent from the other
And when we decide to install Service A / V in a TV are heading to the stages

First we have to recognize the device that we will be installing the constituency for him and the stages
Each of my reference picture and sound both stages such as the Joint Department

All died from my reference image and sound to each other and going to another effort to signal amplifier
Daily Video by Lane and separate the first party from the Daily Line for Video Blaster
After separation then becomes the first out mutually with us Blaster Video

And other income Daily Line and we take the signal from the amplifier to the visualization of the Department of A / V
In the Party of No. 8 of the Integrated labeled V. AMP and we plug the labeled
DL in the circle to the entrance of the Daily Lane and then go to the audio section after Reagent
Volume Plans and whether to control the volume through manual key or electronic control
A circuit that works by remote control and go to a section in the audio output
Magnifier we entered this disconnect signal from the detector and give Reagent came out of the Party of No.
4 of the Department of the A / V

Labeled ATT.OUT and we plug the labeled S. OUT to income

Magnifier latest voice and then we need not only nutrition for the Department of the 12
Volts up to the party 14 of the integrated circuit and the ground is a party to No. 7 and then
We take both the party labeled AUDEO.IN and we connect it to Jack

And make the jack in the back of the device and write underneath AUDEO IN

And we take the party labeled V IN and we plug it into another Jack and make it in the back of the device
And write underneath VIDEO IN
And back to the rest of the circuit party Vnachz labeled SW

And go to the Buttons choices channels and not the last and separate from this button, all relevant
By the lines and keep the line of the 12 volts so that the 12 volts at the tip of the button,
And get the other party by the party labeled SW so that if we pressed the button, the link
12 volts of the Party of the SW and as the party of the SW operating the transistor as a key
Electronic, the arrival of volts across the resistance R5 No.
Will make the transistor works and the complex voltage drops to zero and then change the path of the voltage
From R4 to R6 and then switches you to work within the integrated TC4066

Is working to divert income from both my reference audio and image from TV mode to AV

Thus, we have completed installation of the Chamber


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Rf to A/V circuit
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