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PostSubject: Magnetism   Thu 18 Nov 2010, 7:06 am


Magnetic principles are an integral part of electricity. electromagnet is used in some circles of the DC current directly.
Alternating current (AC) can not be understood without first understanding of magnetism

Types of magnets

The three most common forms of the magnet is a horseshoe and the penis and the needle of the compass.

All magnets in the joint properties

1 - attracts iron to it and keep it.
2 - If the free movement such as a compass needle, it takes theapproximate position from north to south

Magnetic Lines of Flux

Each magnet has two poles, one north pole north pole and the other South Pole south pole magnetic field lines invisible graduated from the North Poleand enter the South Pole. while the lines of flux is not visible but the influence of magnetic fields makes it visible. Andoda paper over the magnet andscattering (scattering) filings The amount of iron is abundant and freely over the paper, the refrigerator will arrange themselves along the lines invisible to the flood

Drawing lines on the way iron filings where arranged itself we get the following picture. fonts cut (dotted) refers to the routes lines flux magnetic. field lines exist outside and inside the magnet. lines of flux magnetic always form closed loops. lines of flux magnetic out (leave) from the North Pole And the intervention to the South Pole and return to the North Pole through the magnet .

Interaction between Magnatisan

Andm put Magnatisan adjacent neighborhoods, the area of ​​magnetic flux around the magnet causes a form of interaction. When you put together two poles is identical attraction occurs between them. When you put together two poles identical repulsion occurs between the two


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