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  LOPT FBT tester circuit

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: LOPT FBT tester circuit   Thu 24 Mar 2011, 9:17 pm

LOPT FBT tester circuit


This department where a test to TV
Or where the computer screen and is within the circuit
Without the need to disassemble

The idea of ​​circle

This department
To test the Leine by ring .. Namely the creation of
Number of pulses, fast and low voltage
So can test the circuit Leine
.. Then measuring the voltage generated by
Induction induction
The level of voltage generated at the
Optical binaries (eight volumes)
Dwy each pair is similar to the efficiency of 15%
Of rolls Leine
Department and a simple and inexpensive as
Cost of not more than ten Egyptian pounds

Electronic circuit

How to use the device

How to use
Device Kallaty
Is connected to a party hot party-related Leine
Petransstor horizontal direction ..
The Party conducts earth earth system
Leine appears efficient at the level of lighting
Where each LED illuminates the same as 15%
The Leine well if lit from 4 to DAT


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LOPT FBT tester circuit
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