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  Voice Recode circuit

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Voice Recode circuit   Fri 25 Mar 2011, 8:35 pm

Voice Recode circuit
Description of Service

Integrated circuit for recording sounds or words, this circuit keeps a lot of Aldart integratedin the application you are recording
Sound for 60 seconds and types are available for longer times and high accuracy

Working Principle

The microphone converts sound into an electrical signal and passed through filters (filter) andthen
The circuit within the integrated circuit converts analog signal into a digital signal
(Changer A \ D) and pass the digital signal to the memory type EEPROM non-volatile at
Power outages and can be scanned Npdhat electric and when the repatriation process
(listen) The circuit within the integrated circuit converts the digital signal to the signal
Analog Changer by D \ A and pass filters to filter for the purity of sound and passed to
Acoustic circuit and then to the speaker

Mechanism of action of the circuit

Must press the key to Chip Enable to activate any operation carried out by the (hearing or
When the registration process we put the key on the status of Record
When the process of listening to the record put the key on the status of Play Back

Circuit scheme

Specifications integrated circuit ICD2500

1: - Audio recording, speech, and restore it easily
2: - the ability to manually control "or electronically" by controllers
3: - Addressing portability recordings and retrieved upon request
4: - High performance and purity in the sound
5: - supply voltage 5V

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Voice Recode circuit
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