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  Dark auto lighting system

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PostSubject: Dark auto lighting system   Sun 27 Mar 2011, 8:01 am

Dark auto lighting system


Do you suffer from
You are limited in your workshop at night and every time
Go to their feeble illumination
Then back to tired
And sometimes forget to run?
Does it require you to
To run the lamps
Home before dark
While not
You are at home?

Do you suffer from a particular circuit operation
, as a warm shower or bath
Every morning so requires you to always
The morning in the morning to heat up

Yes, this simple circuit
You can not solve some of your problems

This Aldrap
Lighting can work Aotomtekip
Lamps for your home at nightfall and
Tntefii at dawn
The first signs of daylight

Here we give an example
Only to control the lights
The key element in the circuit
Senses light and is
Contact Person First
Sense of light is the light resistance
They are made of cadmium sulfate
(Cadmium Sulfite) and shortened (CdS)
(Light Dependent Resistor) and
Shortened (LDR) and a unit to measure Ohms
Ohm Ω

Change the value of this resistance
Change the intensity of light falling upon
Contain cells
In the form of
Fiber or
Mtarjat very small cadmium sulphate as we have authorized the change ... and so increase
Resistance of the latter down the intensity of light
And diminish with increased light intensity
Authorized by this we discover that it is our duty
When you design a circuit
That take into account the well-directed
Light resistance
To external light
To feel the intensity of light


Explain the electronic circuit

We find in the circuit
Integrated circuit
Lm741 and is the vehicle
In the circuit to
The form of a comparative effort, it compares the constant voltage
Or reference
No. 2 at the entrance of the effort, effort
Variable at the entrance, No. 3
The voltage reference is a pre-determined and this after controlling circuit

Here we give an example in the picture only
Determine the reference voltage at the entrance No. 2
Equal to 6 too

We find in the daytime, when the effort
Entrance No. 3 less effort than when the party
No. 2

This and the lack of optical resistance value,
As directed by the circuit remains at No. 6
Logical level 0 and the lower

But in the night, change their minds this
Versa over voltage at the entrance, No. 3
Effort for the entrance No. 2 to increase the value
Light resistance, either circuit troubleshooting
No. 6, turning to the level
Logical number
1, meaning the top

This leading
To feed
Transistor through the three diodes
Resistance and 4.7 kilogram of the turn is
Run Alrelip
Or ruling to illuminate

The diodes D 1 D 2 D 3 and put
Here the effort to remove the rest, or modest
For troubleshooting circuit No. 6 when the situation
Logical 0 will not be the case
Necessarily equal to zero but may increase it
Some thing .. As for the resistance of m 4
Value of 1 megabyte, it helps to
Of the circuit immediately

When a way out of the case 0
To Case 1
It is somewhat Tziel
Resulting from the transition from
To the case of
If, for example if Nzaanaha
Frequencies appeared to
In the form of consecutive Trtqp
When the ruling

By changing the resistance
You can control the sensitivity of the circuit and
Often or when the circuit design is recommended
Choose a mid-point

Can be replaced by the resistance
220 kilo linked with the resistance, optical
Another value, for example 120 kilometers or 100
Kilo There is nothing wrong in this

Or to replace one Bmquaomtin
47 kg fixed and
Other variable

I did not mention here or not
Because of the unity of nutrition to keep the
Image format and avoid the large size

So with respect to circuit feeding us
Savings feed from the feeder and produces 12
Volts continuous effort and can
Production intensity
Up to 800 mA or 1 Amp

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Dark auto lighting system
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