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  Stair lighting timer

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Stair lighting timer   Sun 27 Mar 2011, 8:18 am

Stair lighting timer

Project Description

Lamps Lighting temporary stairway (ladders)
Using the integrated circuit 555

Welcomed the electronic circuit

Before pressing any key: The lamp voltage is connected to the electricity network
Domestic as well as the adapter and the result, not bright lights and circuit Mstglp
This is required.
2 - Once you click on one of the keys BP (deployed along the route of the stairs)
Apply the current in the lamps illuminate, and the adapter Vigve irresistible provisional.
3 - When you have that intense resistance R1 and C3 have been able to generate a negative pulse rapid
At the entrance of the integrated 555 (Man 2)
The role of this pulse is to make the 555 born in the narrated three 12-volt pulse voltage almost
the duration of time of $ T: T = 1,1 RC and make the transistor T1 is
connected to Vicngl Alrelip Bdlk work offsetting the key that was
pressed before.
4 - the situation remains so even with the lifting of the pressure on
Key question, to be completed duration T.
At the end of the period turns off lights and cut off the power cord adapter, which also ensures
Non-functioning of the circuit, but when pressed again on the key of the keys to the stairs,
When the need arises ..
Example for the selection of period T: 100 Kilwaom resistance (0.1Mohm) and intensive 47 Mcrawfrad
The time limit is about 5 seconds ..
To facilitate the calculation: Balmicrawfrad intense resistance and turn to Almigaom


Agenda in the selection of Assistant Duration
In seconds required to light the lamps stairs (from two minutes to 15 minutes)
The condenser is installed, the value of C = 1000μf/25v facilitate the task

And by the way, the increase or decrease
In lamps or keys is possible. The number of keys is not necessarily
Equal to the number of lamps, but the number is chosen according to need or according to what is
Already exists in the building ..
Of course must be chosen governor of electric power cut proportionally with the number of lamps
Used (total amperes consumed)
For example: Governor (relais) equipped with a breaker with a carrying capacity equal to 10A .


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Stair lighting timer
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