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  Magnetic Field

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PostSubject: Magnetic Field   Thu 18 Nov 2010, 7:43 am

Magnetic Field

Incitement electromagnetic or inductance ( electric inductance) is a propertyof the circuit electrical works to resist any change in voltage due to the magnetic field associated with the stream, the more changed the value of the voltage increase or decrease in the circuit changes the magnetic fieldthat accompanies it produces in Mosul, the same induction momentumPower is trying to resist change in the original stream, called the inductance of the Interior.

Base of the left hand of the conductor carries a current

Electromagnetic field is the magnetic field caused by the passage of current in a conductor. Last stream as it passed a magnetic field aroundMosul. all electric current generates a magnetic field. No specific relationshipbetween the direction of current flow and direction of the magnetic field.base of the left hand of the connectors show this relationship. If we have captured the left hand on a conductor carrying a current so that the thumbindicates the direction of the passage of electrons, the fingers will point tothe direction of magnetic flux lines .

File with the stream
Current-Carrying Coil

File component of a wire carrying a current work Iema magnet. episodes of the wire (rolls) of individuals working Kmagnatisat small. Individual fields to be added together to form a single magnet. The field strength can be increased by adding more twists to the file. It can also increase the field strength to increase power .

Base of the left hand for the files
Left-Hand Rule for Coils

Determine the base files for the left hand direction of the magnetic field. Wrap the fingers of the left hand on the file in the direction of the passage of electrons. Thumb points to the North Pole for the file .


consists of an electromagnet from a file of wire wrapped around the heart of the core. the heart is usually of wrought iron, which connects the magneticlines of force with relative ease. when passing a file stream in the heart becomes magnetized. Ability to control the intensity and direction ofmagnetic force to make an electromagnet useful. as is the case withmagnets permanent polar opposite attract each other. can be controlled in the field strength in the electromagnet and thus control the intensity of the magnetic poles. There is a wide range of electrical appliances such as motors, motors, and circuit breakers Electrical circuit breakers, contactorsand (Alkontactor) contactors and relays Alrilayat Bwadye engines and motor starters using the principles of electromagnetism.

The unit of measurement is the inductance Henry
When it urges the current change rate of 1 amp-second effort in theinduction by 1 volt, the circuit inductance be 1 Henry .

Discoverer of incitement is the world's chemical and British physicist
Michael Faraday

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Magnetic Field
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