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  Department of conversion Sound to light circuit

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Department of conversion Sound to light circuit   Sun 27 Mar 2011, 10:30 am

Department of conversion
Sound to light circuit
Description of Service

Can you shoot a bullet or a balloon the moment it exits the barrel of a gun?
For .. Using a circle to convert the sound to light

Standardization Department

Source of nutrition 220 volts or 110
By converter
Output voltage: 5 V constant voltage regulator
Output current: 1 amp
The integrated circuit contains internal protection against minors
Short Circuit

Circuit diagram

Explain the circuit

Placed the object to be photographed in a dark room where the camera lens is open and in a moment
Blast works a flashing light and illuminates the room for a few moments a second 2-ml is sufficient to capture
Placed at the entrance to the Chamber crystal microphone converts the sound of the explosion to the pulse
Transistor conducts the first in the Department of joint compound, which has entered the high reluctance
The objection came out low and reluctance to agree to high-crystal microphone.
The second transistor Tr2 maximize the signal taken from the emitter transistor
Tr1, a first connector in the Department of emitter common.
resistance changing Vr 1 Lamb of the first transistor emitter
resistance work while changing Vr2 Lamb of complex transistor second and
each defines the power of the resistances
Sound that is running the Department.
Turanzisturin maximize both the electrical pulse generated in the microphone and pulls
Transistor the second largest stream at the top of the pulse, which leads to lower effort compound
Relating to the gate and thus runs Althaerestor thyristor
Where the stream passes through the 6-volt lamp connected in sequence with the resistance of 33 Ohm

Circuit elements

1 mega-ohm resistance.
R2 Resistance Under 150 Ohms.
R3 180 ohm resistance.
R4 33 ohm resistance.
0.1 Maikarovarad capacitor C1.
Chemical capacitor C2 5 Maikarovarad 12 volts.
C3 intensive chemical Maikarovarad 50 12-volt
Tr1 type transistor 2n3702
Scr Thaerstor Type 400 Volt 1 Amp.
Rv1 variable resistance to the logarithmic 10 kilo ohms.
Rv2 linear variable resistance 1 kilo ohm.
Key Sw
Crystal microphone
Lamp 6 volt and 40 mA.
9-volt battery


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Department of conversion Sound to light circuit
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