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  Car battery Checker

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PostSubject: Car battery Checker   Mon 28 Mar 2011, 11:27 am

Car battery Checker


Department of measurement and inspection effort 12-volt car battery
A circle is the heart of the integrated circuit LM3914, one of the circuits that are available and cheap ..
Most important characteristic of such an integrated circuit is that it does not need a specificand systematic effort to work ..
And without an external source of nutrition .. Ie it can perform its function even if thebattery is
Examined weak ..

Electronic circuit

Explain the electronic circuit

When you press the test button .. Examined the battery breaker feeding component of the effort
Mquaomtin R1, R2 ..
Its purpose is to give a very weak effort to the integrated circuit "1.25 volts or less"

Circuit design standard checks the battery voltage of 8 to 12 volts .. But you can
Change variable resistance R3 to measure the voltage between 0 to 12 volts ..

There is an intensive anti-aliasing on both sides of the battery 4700uF 16V .. This intensive will wipe out any fluctuation in
The effort that, if the circuit is connected with the battery and the car engine works ..

Control circuit

- Adjust the set up changing the value of R2 10,450 ohms ..
- Adjust the resistance R3 brightens up the first optical diode from the top "8 volts" value of the resistance
Almost 19 kilo ohms

Elements of the electronic circuit

R1 = 100k
R2 = 20k or higher
R3 = 20k or higher
R4 = 5.1k
IC's LM3914
10 LED light diodes


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Car battery Checker
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