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 Regulated power supply circuit 3 to 25 volt 3 A

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Regulated power supply circuit 3 to 25 volt 3 A   Tue 29 Mar 2011, 8:04 am

Regulated power supply circuit 3 to 25 volt 3 A

Description of Service

Feeder ongoing effort of 3-25 volts and a current maximum $ 3 amp

Explain the circuit

Unit can provide this nutrition effort from 3 to 25 V and 2 A stream can be increased to
3A or more by selecting the resistance is sensitive to a smaller stream (0.3 ohms). Should be placed
Turanzisturin 2N3055 and 2N3053 thermal coolers on occasion and must bear the
Resistance are sensitive to stream 3 watts or more .. To regulate the voltage we use the amplifier
Operations in 1558 or 1458, and can replace the 1458 circuit, other than that it is better
Determine the voltage applied to the party 8 to 30Vdc, which can be obtained by adding
Dual 6.2V, told Tierramérica and resistance in series with 5.1K party 8 .. Greater effort can be fed
Mum circuits 1458 and 1558, respectively is 36V and 44V.
Adapter must be able to secure the necessary power while maintaining the effort
Income higher than 4 volts of effort required in Al-Kharj, but without the effort to go beyond nutrition
Maximum of the operational amplifier in the case of small loads.
Converter with a user point in the middle gives a 25.2-volt, 2 amp unit can
Nutrition this organized effort to provide 24 volts when the current 0.7 amp 0.15 volts for 2
Amp and 6 volts for 3 amps. Is obtained Stream 3 amp output through
Use the mid-point and put the key to the situation 18-Volt

Circuit diagram


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Regulated power supply circuit 3 to 25 volt 3 A
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