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 The sphere of protection against Increase or decrease the excess voltage electricity

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: The sphere of protection against Increase or decrease the excess voltage electricity   Tue 29 Mar 2011, 9:54 am

The sphere of protection against
Increase or decrease the excess voltage electricity
Over Under Voltage Protection
Explain the circuit

This department protects the refrigerators and other devices as well as the excessive or decline
Excessive voltage feeders. Integrated circuit
It LM324 IC2 with 4 speaker of op-amp we use them only 2 in the circuit
Namely, N1 and N2, each op-amp works Kmgarn comparator. Related to fallow Supply
Power Supply irregular
Series resistors are connected together, respectively, are changing the resistance R1 and VR1 and R2. The same fallow Supply offline Baldieud
Is set rheostat VR1 so that the voltage at the entrance
non-inverting terminal (party 3) of the amplifier operations N1, less
than 6.8 volts Zeinr effort and that effort when the electric wall
Between 180 to 240 volts AC. Consequently the amplifier output processes in this case N1 =
Zero and remains the transistor T1 in the case of OFF. Alreli related compound transistor T1 will remain disabled (floating), but the device
(Refrigerator) are fed through
Points of contact Rily N / C electricity and the situation is normal (see chart).
When feeding AC voltage rises to a value greater than 240 volts, therefore, will increase the value of the voltage
DC nutritious Party 3 of the amplifier operations N1. Party 2 of the N1 is still steady at its best
Value of 6.8 volts due to a diode, told Tierramérica. When the voltage at the entrance 3 More than in
Portal 2 will turn out N1 of the previous case zero volts to High, leading to Run
Transistor T1 and thus activate Alreli RL The result cut for feeding AC refrigerator
(The device). We have thus defended the refrigerator (or any device) from excessively high voltage
Nutrition AC.
Come now consider the case of voltage drop of the device nutritious than 180 volts AC. When this occurs becomes
The value of DC voltage at the entrance inverter inverting terminal (6 Blaster party operations N2)
Less than the value of DC voltage at the entrance, non-reflective (Party 5) and that his constant at the value
6-volt. Then N2 will turn out to High Rily and would operate through the transistor T1.
When you work Alreli effort nutrition cut off the AC for the refrigerator and freezer so we defended from
Excessive decline in feeding effort when less than 180 volts AC. The IC1 fed a regular effort
12 volts DC.
Abstract Alreli operate in the two cases when they first increase the voltage on the party 3 6.8 volts,
And the second when less effort when the Party 6 on 6-volt. Chamber as a whole can be adjusted through
Almngirtin resistances VR1 and VR2.
That's all I was told by the Department, you are now you can read that explanation reflection to be ready
To answer my questions.
Note: I know that the service very useful and can be manufactured on a large scale, but if
Please do not go now because it has manufactured many errors. Be patient with us and understand the details and
Then go to the manufacture and you are able to re-design better and more efficient.

Circuit diagram

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The sphere of protection against Increase or decrease the excess voltage electricity
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