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  Who press button first game

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Who press button first game   Sun 03 Apr 2011, 6:55 am

Who press button first game

Description of Service

Electronic circuit used in competitions to see the rider, who pressed the button first
.. "faster response"

Standardization Department

Electronic circuit to test the fastest runners in the pressure Alzerosmanip
Can run the district by 9-volt battery. When you press any buttons, the department
You disable the other buttons. electronic circuit voice calls when you press a button

Circuit diagram

Explain the electronic circuit

S9 key is used to reset circuit and return it to its original position, and when you press thebutton
Zeroing is to clear all within the integrated circuit IC1 and
IC2 and become all the exits in the case of low means that the binaries are all at the sametime we keep the
Become director of integrated circuit IC3 is high logical state 1 (Logic 1), transistor T1 is used as a key to running a small trumpet sound (piezo-buzzer) and ensures
Provide enough current to run it.
From C1 to C8 negate
Constant pressure
Any button on any of the buttons if a pressure
Button has not been lifted
Finger for the next time it will be ignored if it does not lift his finger.
Consumption circuit in normal case less than 1 mA in the case of any lighting
Diodes Optical consumption is less than 25 mA.


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Who press button first game
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