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 Response game circuit

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Response game circuit   Sun 03 Apr 2011, 7:06 am

Response game circuit

Description of Service

Electronic circuit used in competitions to see the rider, who pressed the button first

Standardization Department

Electronic circuit to test the fastest in the button is pressed

Four Mtsabakenemkn run the district by the battery
9-volt. When you press any buttons, the department
You disable the other buttons.
Electronic voice calls when you press a button

Circuit diagram

Circuit elements

resistors: 470 ×4, 1k ×2, 10k ×8
capacitors: 0.1F ×4, 1F radial
diodes: 1N4148 ×4
LEDs: 1 each red, green, yellow and blue, all 5mm diameter
555 timer ICs (such as NE555) ×4
DIL sockets for ICs: 8-pin ×4
bleeper suitable for 9V
on/off switch
push switch ×5
battery clip for 9V PP3
2-core cable such as 'figure 8', about 8 metres
stripboard: 10 rows × 50 holes


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Response game circuit
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