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Is the abbreviation for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation and amplify the light emitting means of stimulated emission

Laser is a
Beam of photons involved in the frequency of waves and correspond to constructive interference phenomenon occur between waves into a light-pulse high-energy. And can be likened to a laser beam pulse, where the military battalion move all the military steps compatible regular, while the normal light source radiates light waves scattered irregular do not have the force of the laser. Using crystals for suitable materials (such as rubies) high purity can stimulate the production of beams of light of one color with the length of any one wave, as well as in the phase of one wavelength, and when their compatibility with each other and bounces several times between two women inside
Crystal laser (become Kalaskar in the battalion), Vtantzm waves and interfere in and out of the device is powered large unwanted

The definition of Laser

Laser device (or tool) produces a beam of very high and strong. And some high-belts to the point they are able to puncture a hole over two hundred points in the size of a pinhead. Because of the possibility of upto (concentration) a laser beam to this level of accuracy, these rays are very strong. Some of the belts, for example, can penetrate the diamond, the hardest substance in nature, and some of them can make a small nuclear reaction. Can also be transferred to the laser beam over long distances without losing strength, reaching some of the belts to the moon. It uses laser light in a variety of applications due to characterize the properties. Some types of lasers, for example, used in music and reading the cutting blades and metals prices, meat and transfer of information. In addition to that, he went lasers missiles to their targets, and dealing with the eyes, produces and offers an exciting light is also used in bridging the walls and roofs of buildings and printed documentation. Some lasers can follow the less movement of the continents occur. lasers vary in size, where the total length of the laser type of several meters, while not exceeding the size of type about the size of a grain of salt

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