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  Car parking Sensor

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Car parking Sensor   Mon 04 Apr 2011, 10:05 am

Car parking Sensor


An electronic circuit that senses
The existence of a nearby body of the car
.. And give
Audio or warning light to avoid collision


There are many ideas and electronic circuits to achieve the same result .. Ones that
Depends on the acoustic vibrations Ultrasonic .. Or that use infrared Infra

Of course, each type has its disadvantages


- You can measure the distance accurately .. And not only
Control ..
- can be monitored relatively long distances ..
- Circuit design need to take into account
Using frequencies appropriate .. Which
Ensure they do not overlap with the waves of Foreign Affairs

The Infra Red-can not control long-distance ..
- Gelba be simple and easy configuration ..
And cheap ..
- very practical

Electronic circuit

Electronic circuit

Circuit used to control the car after
For any body .. Wall, for example .. It has excellent
Undemanding and simple .. ..
D7 .. Photodiode will be activated when thethe car is
About 20 centimeters from any body ..
D6 + D7 .. Will be activated after 10 cm ..
D7 + D6 + D5 .. After 6 centimeters from any

Some observations

- the feeder should be regularly
12 volt to 24 volts ..
- D2 of the kind that contains the filter
Internal against the sun .. So as not to be affected
Work of the Service ..
- Avoid any artificial lighting directly on the D2
- can be installed D5 + D6 + D7 inside
Car ..
- To make the process of the Setup of the Service ..
I. .. Near the D2 to D1 until activated
.. And without any object, and then all the dimensions of the D2
D1 even cloud the

Circuit elements

R110K 1/4W resistance
R2, R5, R6, R91K 1/4W resistance
R333R 1/4W resistance
R4, R111M 1/4W resistance
R74K7 1/4W resistance
R81K5 1/4W resistance
R10, R12-R141K 1/4W resistance
C1, C41μF 63V capacitor
C247pF 63V capacitor
C3, C5100μF 25V capacitor
D1-emitting diode infrared
D2 diode infrared
D3, D4 1N4148 75V 150mA diode

IC2 LM324 Low Power Quad Op-amp Service
IC3 7812 12V 1A Positive voltage
regulator IC


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Car parking Sensor
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