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 Remote control using lines Nutrition Network

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Remote control using lines Nutrition Network    Wed 06 Apr 2011, 8:25 pm

Remote control using lines Nutrition Network

This group of the sender and the future depends on the use of nutrition in major
Home remote control devices.


, which is only a reference to download (36KHz
Effort the main network (50Hz) at
Action Log (S1)
. It is noted that the integrated circuit
Fed directly from the effort by the network composed of the circuit Calendar
(D2), (D1)
And bilateral Alzenr (D4), (D3)
And the smoothing capacitor (C4)
Figure shown is to generate 20V)
) for the line neutral ground. Fed the output signal
To the network by connecting capacitor (C3).


, fed by transformer (Tr1)
= (220V / / 8V & 300mA).
Effort with a major network carrier
(36KHz), except for being used
To feed the adapter (Tr1)
Be nominated by the smoothing circuit subsidiarity
To reveal the existence of the composite carrier (36KHz)
And which passes to the amplifier (IC2)
Cross-resistance (R7)
. then by (D9)
He is Alrelip circuit consisting of (T1, T2), the resistance
Adjusted to find the correct comparison between the sensitivity of the future and noiseinsulation.


Must cover the conductive Te well because the current high and the work of a small hole(S1)
On the surface of the cover so as to ensure not to touch the hand of the wires connected


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Remote control using lines Nutrition Network
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