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PostSubject: Fuse   Sun 21 Nov 2010, 6:52 am


Fuse or fuse or Alvasamp is a tool or an electric element to protect thedevices against high power supply, one of the basic and simple which consists of a wire melts when it exceeds the current passing the selected value of the service and thus interrupt the circuit

Most important functions of a fuse

Protection equipment and electrical components of the risk of further power
Isolate the part of the stomach or the circuit from the rest of the parts ofher story when errors

Types of

Fuses are classified by shape, size, current and voltage and also the speed of response
There are small-sized flat panel fuses and panels that demonstrate a micro-electronic

SMD Fuse

There is also a fuse large-scale and current

Huge Fuse

The first use of this element was at the hands of the great inventor Thomas Edison Thomas Alva Edison

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