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PostSubject: Battery   Tue 08 Mar 2011, 9:44 am


One of the most means to generate energy and that which we can get the effort as an Arab
For the operation of various electronic devices such as computers and electrical personal, mobile phones,
Electronic games and many more.

What is the battery?

What is the battery pack contains only chemicals required for chemical reaction
And generate a steady stream of electronics. And two poles, one for each battery negative (-) and the other positive
(+), and the direction of the stream of electrons is always from the cathode to the anode

What happens when you connect the electrodes directly?

If reached directly wire electrodes, the electrons travel very quickly from the cathode
To the anode, leading to the consumption of the battery in very quick time, and that the process may
Be very serious in the case of direct delivery in larger batteries such as batteries
For example car

When to start the interaction within the battery?

Chemical reaction does not begin only when you connect the cathode of plus or other wire, then
Only occurs a chemical reaction which results in that stream of electrons, so it is not strange
To keep the batteries capacity, for a long time as long as there is no connection between all family

First battery

Who invented the first battery is the world's Alessandro Volta in 1800

The battery is then a succession of layers of zinc, paper saturated with salt water, silver, as in
The following figure

He knew this coordination on behalf of the voltaic pile, and also
We note that the drawing of the bottom layer are different from the type layer at the top, and not
There are a limited number of layers you can add any number of layers as you like and this in turn
Will lead to increased battery Volitp by a set amount with every increase

The greater the number of
Cells .. Increased battery capacity or effort

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