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PostSubject: Resistor   Wed 09 Mar 2011, 11:18 am


Sometimes look for
Way to control or reduce the flow stream from a particular source of energy.. A battery for example ..
The wire
Mosul Konpop large water .. And electricity is water inside .. And you do notwant to
Use this quantity of water .. For this we use the fitted water pipe or smaller
Size or any way to limit the amount of water flowing ..
Resistance .. Do
The same power supply .. They resist the flow of current flowing in the circuit.. They Ka
Connector is not good for the stream .. And measured the resistance unitcalled Ohms .. Ohm
The letter Grecian capital omega
There is a path many
For the manufacture of resistance .. Of them limited to wrap electric wiremade ​​of a substance is not a good connection
But months
And most popular of which are made ​​of carbon powder, which are a
Cylinder with a brown color, there are the colors reflect the value of thisresistance .. This
Table of resistors with five colors

If the resistance of only four colors .. You can use the same
Way while ignoring the third column in
the table


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