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It consists of an electric insulated wire coiled on a template from either the air or on the heart
Metal or any heart we want to

The unit of measurement electric file

The unit of measure is the Henry and abbreviated "H" .. Rate
Of the physical world, Joseph Henry

Modus operandi file as follows

Upon passage of the stream in the file, it leads to incitement and a reverse trend was for it ..
Windings with each capacitor with a capacity of a few but effective in the generation of inflammatory storm that is called
Bahalp which form on file and of course, that aura is low at low frequencies
Because of what we have stated previously on intensive as it is based on suppression of the hurricane because of the
His opposition to the low-frequency and low frequency, but if increased to the level of frequency
The high-intensive will depend on responsiveness and here begins the problem of controlling the file and how to
Suppression of those hurricanes or auras
You can conclude that through a simple circuit that can
Carried out by yourself is that the link file and resistance to the compound is in a Tranzstor broadband and not
bf199, and to put the file down and write a white paper, and to spread iron filings on a soft
Surface of the paper and then apply the effort to feed the transistor, and the application of a signal with frequency
Low on the base of the transistor and you will notice that there is nothing on the paper were not affected filings
Iron on the surface of paper, then increase frequency on the base of the transistor notes that little by little
There are lines began to form an oval-shaped and those lines are so-called domain electromagnetic

And here begins the problem of removing the magnetic aura as they disturb and affecting the work of
Some circuits, such as medium frequency circuits in radios and TV, and devices that
Dealing with high frequency and medium-and here we can conclude why change frequency
the spacing between the rolls of the file and the file several forms
and types depending on the position of the circuit, Qatar
File and the spacing of the windings from each other and the type of the heart (core) greatly affects the yield
File we all know that the files used in all areas and all frequencies Vmelvat
HF need to be the heart of the type of graphite types here do not need to nucleus and there
Files used in the low frequency and the heart of sheet iron, which is placed Kalmlv
In neon bulb, which is a toroidal and the number of windings affects the output file has several
Types (variable file as the user in the organs of the organization and are used in electrical transformers
Laboratory and transformers that need to change the value of output depending on the value of income and a flat file
Value are those files that we see in TV sets and be composed of copper wire
Cabbage in the form of throat without a nucleus and without anything just a regular file and is used as candidates for signals
HF and here we realize why we did not use intensive instead of the file with the knowledge that you
If you try to make any file to any place within the electronic circuit would have been easier to create a capacitor but
Property file (high disability before HF) is what leads us to use
To configure the ringing circuit is based on the suppression of unwanted frequencies to finally get on the
Machine with high fidelity and clarity of the sound or picture or anything we want and the file with a fixed heart
Files called cyclic files and files suffocating and often used in the agitation Kalmlv
Neon is located in the filter and filter files in the television and see the adapter in the form of
Entrance of electricity in a television originally file filtering and throttling file with the heart of what animation is more
Circuits used in the transmission and reception, where he changed the distance that enters the heart in
File and affect the distance to return the file)

The file is based on the current voltage by half a wave unlike any conduct intensive and benefit
Files are very high frequency applications where they demonstrate a high barrier impeding the
HF and disability are almost neglected in the low frequency, and here we note the presence of
Files are large in the circuits of frequency detectors in the receivers and transmitters and adopt self-
File on the length of the wire and the thickness and type of heart inside and on the diameter of the heart and
Type the current user. Impede the file is calculated from the relationship

XL = 2 × 3.14 × F × L

F = frequency value applicable to the file
L = a self-file
Where: XL = disability file
= 3.14, a value (B) in the mathematical relationships such as those found in the calculation of the radius
Chamber did not find an icon I

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