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  Electrical transformer

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PostSubject: Electrical transformer   Wed 09 Mar 2011, 8:43 pm

Electrical transformer

Power converter is a device that static (not moving) and the conversion job stream
AC voltage is set to another AC VDC other (higher or lower) with
Stability capacity.
And the transfer of electrical energy generated from places to places of consumption, and
Apportion power to the adapters adapters adapters to raise or reduce the function of either
Lifting or downward

Principle of work

Depends on electromagnetic induction, from one of the important advantages of the AC
Compared with DC is that AC can be changed easily by his induction
Electromagnetic while the DC needs to be complicated methods can even
Change effort.
Values ​​depend on the number of laps in both files as the relationship between centrifugal
Kmahe shown in the following equation:
(E1/E2 = N1/N2).

Components of the electricity

- Primary file:
File of copper wire insulated connection Partyah source of nutrition.

- file Secondary:
File isolated conducts its parties to pregnancy or the electric consumer
To be
the driving electric power supply.

- the heart of iron:
Locked made ​​of wrought iron in the form of silicon chip
Thin isolated from each other

Types of electrical transformers

Low-frequency converters (adapters with
Hearts iron):

These converters are designed to operate at low frequencies such as the ability Trdat
And sound frequencies.
In this type all the files in the heart of magnetic iron, and explains the figure above
General basis in the composition of the heart's magnetic adapter, which is a group of
Slide different shape, where we find that part of it resembles a letter (E) and the other is like a character
(I) and these segments are pressed together.
Is the work of the heart's magnetic adapter in the form of isolated segments to minimize the loss in
Ability, which arises because of the so-called eddy currents.

Second: The frequency converters
Mediterranean (erase journals with hearts made of iron powder or substance
Elvirrit): AFT

Medium frequency transformers used in the link between speakers in the medium frequency devices
Radio and television, which allows for medium frequency signal to move from stage to stage
Other and prevent the transmission of the ongoing efforts of the stage to the next.
Medium frequency transformers and a small number of adapters to her death a few
Using relatively hearts of iron powder or substance Elvirrit, these hearts
Can be moved up and down by plastic screwdrivers to adjust or to change urged
These converters.

Third: The frequency converters
Higher (adapters with aerobic hearts):

In the radio frequencies we find that the iron core inside the converter lost cause significant
Reference so it is not used, but is used in the cardiovascular system of this type antenna
Or a special metals designed to achieve the lowest loss percentage

Terms and definitions

  • File adapter or the average IF frequency -
    Intermediate Frequency Can

RF - Radio Frequency

Theory of action adapter

1 - the passage of alternating current in the primary files creates a magnetic field
2 - cut the magnetic flux changing rolls of the file where the secondary Witold - Induction
- effort electrically opposed to change in the intensity and direction of the magnetic field.
3 - induced voltage generated in the secondary windings causes current flow from this
Files when you arrive carrying M
ا .

The efficiency of the converter

Is the ratio between the maximum capability that can be withdrawn from the secondary file to the ability of the file
Primary and this percentage should not be less than a certain limit, preferably close to this
Percentage of the correct one, but this does not only happen in the transformers that do not Iip
Where there has

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Electrical transformer
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