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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Diode   Thu 10 Mar 2011, 11:55 am


Found that when it is put
Slice Slkonip positive p-type
.. Negative and slide the n-type power supply will pass in one direction only through the slides .. To thank the electronic component is called
LED or common or bilateral Diode
.. Which is the most important element
And months in the world of semiconductor semiconductor

Can slice silicon aaqilah p-type
.. Slice with a negative n-type connector that works just like any of the current
Launches of the trend from positive to negative slide
Aligned the name of the front or forward biased ..
In this case LED works like a good conductor of the stream ..
The case of non-delivery
Any positive effort on the slide negative .. Negative and positive on the slide .. This so-called
reverse biased.

There is a small voltage on both sides of LED 0.6
Volt diode made ​​of silicon Si
.. And almost 0.3 to made ​​of germanium ..
You can use this little effort to test and examine the Department of
E is connected to the source and contain Mouhdat .. If the LED properly screened, it
Will give a small effort between the parties in the case of delivery of bias front ..
If either effort gave values ​​higher than 1 volt or 0 volt disclaimer
This LED is corrupted.

Is likened to the work of LED Khanafip allow water to pass in one direction
Only .. This was the exploitation of this unique property to create lots of useful applications
.. one of the most of these applications .. Is the conversion of AC DC
Which are changing constantly to Qtabitp DC
Unipolar ..
All sources of energy in the home gives the AC while the batteries provide us with dc ..
The conversion process
Which is to replace the current volatile to stream
Constant .. Designate a calendar or rectification
Next image shows the reference input and output of the LED ..
This method is called the calendar in the calendar half-wave because it is you remove the original half-wave
.. And the abolition of "Block" of the other half ..

The second method is more efficient and that benefit from full
AC signal is a circle within a calendar full wave and the picture shows the way Kantara
Bridge "four Mouhdat" to get the result
Required ..

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