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PostSubject: Physics    Wed 17 Nov 2010, 6:31 am


Physics of the Universe

word derived from Greek and means Vezekos φυσικη (natural), and the
word is derived from the root Vises φύσις (ie nature). Physics
is the science of nature, quarks Starting from micro-to the great
universe, stretching, trying to formulate laws of mathematical physics
govern this physical world, exploring the natural and material
composition and their basic components, and the fundamental forces and
particles that you share physical objects, in addition to the results of
these powers.
Sometimes in modern
physics to be added to these areas, study the laws of symmetry and
Alanhvaz, such as systems to save energy and momentum and electric
charge, and for this study physicists a wide range of physical phenomena
ranging from areas of small long to broad areas long, and of the
particle under - atom by consists of all
material Albarionep (particle physics) to study the behavior of physical
objects in the classical world to study the movement of the stars in
the physical space, whether within or close to normal speeds of the
speed of light, and finally study the universe as a whole shared between
physics and mathematics in so-called: mathematical physics.

Physics attempts to describe the natural world application of the so-called scientific methods.
trying to natural philosophy, the corresponding part, to study the
changing world through the philosophy of physics called in ancient times
(within the framework of Greek civilization), but the real development
of physics was later by separating physics from philosophy to science is
a kind of active positive science


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