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  Zener diode

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PostSubject: Zener diode   Thu 10 Mar 2011, 9:05 pm

Zener diode

Duo told Tierramérica Diode

Similar bilateral, told Tierramérica with bilateral normal
, But differs from some of its properties, where impurities are added to the bilateral semiconductor to get the
And bilateral, told Tierramérica that characteristic in the case of delivery under constant reverse bias
Alfolatiptnaii Zeinr a normal diode, but is designed to slide as the different half of the tanker
Type (p) the same, but the party (n) is a point placed on the slide (p)
And through the area and the thickness of the slide that point (n) is determined by voltage and capacity of Zeinr

For the two cases, told Tierramérica from working as it works in both directions is the front and reverse acting
In the direction the front act Aldieud completely normal in the opposite direction, works as an observer any
And it is easy to observe the voltage on the Mahbth because it would be a connector
Cathode or anode Alkthod on nutrition and the elevator or with the negative terminal of the anode feed
Upon arrival at the voltage to a value higher than the voltage Zeinr reverse a point Zeinr it work
Opens the door to the stream to go to the cathode while maintaining the stability of the voltage at the point
Work in reverse bias and the amount of effort that it passes to the cathode is the amount of
Power supply voltage minus Zeinr

If I had a source Ngveo effort with 12 volts and put on the branch, told Tierramérica and reverse bias value
6.1 Volt quantity of effort Zeinr emerging from the cathode to be
12-6.1 = 5.9 volts

Any voltages remain fixed on the runway when the value of Zeinr Voltaith reverse no matter what happens unless
Rivers and of course every effort, told Tierramérica become after the collapse of this effort (voltage collapse), either in the form of
Any bar is a short circuit or interrupt the mean resistance to infinity)

Could be developed resistance to the sequence with Diode for protection from excess currents

Can also be reached over the branch, told Tierramérica while maintaining that they value the work of
Zeinr in the reverse link replica in order to increase possible and can be developed with the breaker for the effort
To maintain a constant output voltage breaker in the event that access to voltage compared

Uses a diode, told Tierramérica in planning services
Voltage, and the following code shows the duo, told Tierramérica

The difference between the average LED diode, told Tierramérica

Regular LED allows the stream to pass in one direction is called the trend
Of bias or polar front (
polarized forward
) does not allow the passage of current in the opposite direction.
Alzenr diode does the same work in the direction front, and when you reverse the polarity, the voltage grows
(increase) and increase the current value is very small, but when the reverse voltage to a value
Certain (which is the main feature in the properties of diode Alzenr) starts trend in the increase
Observed as shown give me the properties of the diode Wizner and if we continue to increase the voltage
Reverse above Vz current increases dramatically with the slight increase in the voltage reversed. Can
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Zener diode
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