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  Varactor Diode

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Varactor Diode   Thu 10 Mar 2011, 9:17 pm

Varactor Diode

Varactor Diode is short for variable capacitance
Also called Tuning Diode or Varicap Diode
Kmktvat variable capacitive diodes
Depending on the effort against them.
And bilateral Sa'wi is essentially a link
Bi-connected in the opposite direction so as
In Figure

Theory of operation:

When the voltage increases, the reverse feeding area
Depletion expands, thereby increasing the thickness of the insulation
When connecting link bilateral capacitive inversely
, form what is called the depletion region
Region are working instead of insulating the intensive
The region P, N and the region they are working
Klouhy intense. lacking capacity, and when effort is decreasing nutrition
Reverse narrowing the thickness of depletion region and thus
Increase capacity.

cheers cheers

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Varactor Diode
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