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  Transistors Type

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PostSubject: Transistors Type   Fri 11 Mar 2011, 11:35 am

Transistors Type

Types of transistor

1 - bipolar transistor
Meeting point (Bipolar Junction Transistor or BJT)

2 - b effect transistor of the electric field (Field effect transistor or FET)
This refers to a meeting point between each type which, as we said in microns and Jnbhe pole
(N) and the pole (P).
And is of two types (NPN) and (PNP) and differ in performance and delivery method since the former is
The best and most recently discovered of the (BJT) after the discovery of the theory (Convection current).
Countless types and makes of it all Aldoairp digital exemplified (Enhancement NPN MOS FET)
And (Junction PNP FET).

3 - Transistor MOSEET

4 - transistor Darlinqton

5 - MOSFET Tnaiealbwabp dual gate MOSFET

6 - Single Transistor link Uniconnection transistor

7 - optical transistor
Photo Transistor - Phototransistor
Similar to its work with photodiode photo diode .. The injection of light here as a reference to the base transistor, which allows running

8 - Transistor IGPT


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Transistors Type
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