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  Darlington Pair Transistor

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PostSubject: Darlington Pair Transistor   Fri 11 Mar 2011, 11:57 am

Darlington Pair Transistor

A pair Darlinqton
A pair of transistors connected
Together in a way (see Figure
Below), which makes the current
Magnify the first transistor,
Grows more Baltranzistur

Thus, the zoom factor
Total current is equal to multiplying
Maximize the power factor
Of the first transistor × factor
Maximize the power of the transistor
The second, ie: beta 1 × Beta 2


You built a husband Darlinqton
By Tranzisturin, the first
Beta = 200 and a second 300,
Be the total beta-husband
Darlinqton = 200 × 300 = 60000
Sixty thousand times bigger trend

Theoretically, if the current rule
100 microseconds, the stream wrapper =
Micro 100 × 60000 = 6000000
Micro Micro any 6 million or 6
Amp (I say theoretically, this
Need to speak to certain conditions
And Sagth only to illustrate the idea).


Denotes the coefficient enlarge
The current in the transistor
Symbol or Latin Beta
Sometimes Hfe.

In the figure above, note characters
Green B, C, E a
Parties Darlinqton pair, which
I mean I think in the end that
A pair Darlinqton
Plain simple transistor teams
It is of high current zoom factor
When compared with the transistor

Exterior of the husband
Darlinqton is no different to
All of the form of transistor
Normal and will not discriminate between them but
Through the Datasheets, even
That many of the factories today
Integrated circuits are manufactured
(AC), each containing
On eg 7 grains of husband
Darlinqton, there are also circuits
Integrated, each containing
7 beads transistors.
You can make the husband
Darlinqton through your
Connected pair of transistors
Also as above.

The second difference between
Normal transistor and the pair
Darlinqton that I need
To at least 0.7 volts between
Al-Qaeda and the emitter, while the
The second requires 1.4 volts
At least between al-Qaeda (party
B) and emitter (party E), because it
It also notes that Turanzisturin
Components of the husband Darlinqton
Are connected, respectively, hence
Combine 2 of the voltage 0.7 volts.

You also said you can be manufactured
Husband Darlinqton yourself
Using a pair of
Regular transistors, where
Can be a transistor
I kind of small low
Capacity and the second major type of
Power transistors, and have
Stream complex maximum
Husband can Darlinqton
Carry = maximum stream wrapper
Who can afford
Second transistor
(Power transistors). This
Wonderful, I mean a wonderful addition,
In the sense that if you are in the process
Use the transistor in the ability of
Service and want to increase the coefficient
Maximize the power to him (especially that it is
Known for low beta value
The ability of the transistors in general)
You can do so easily by adding
Transistor has a small and be with
Darlinqton first husband.
Second advantage of this add-on
You get the transistor capacity
Employed a very sensitive stream base
Very small, but infinitely small.
This high sensitivity
Of the currents with weak
Of the base (base pair
Darlinqton) can be exploited
In building the Department of touch
Touch switch (see Figure

This is an important property of the properties
Show that the pair Darlinqton
Maximize the power factor has a large
Very estimated tens of thousand of
Times, and here we see it
Darlinqton husband to run (ie
Make it in the case of ON) we need to stream
The base is very weak, very, very,
And not, as is the case with
Single transistor

Circle above is simply
Key electric touch, which relies on the power circuit is very simple, which passes from the
Through the skin of the finger (finger Rights), the above circuit is to run the LED
Projector, ie, that the pregnancy here is the LED light which he carried a simple and not very practical, in fact
You can run any load on the circuit, such as light bulbs and 220 volt motors, so that Bidhavprely or Trellak

cheers cheers
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Darlington Pair Transistor
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