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PostSubject: Power    Power I_icon_minitimeFri 11 Mar 2011, 4:31 pm


Is what
We are looking for .. Is the heat .. Movement .. All the things that we aim torun .. Is
Relationship between the power flow .. And the amount of this flow ofelectric charge ..
As we have stated that
Voltage can be represented by a strong water .. And the amount of waterflowing is the current
Which depends on the size of the pipe resistance
The more force Zadeh
Flowing water .. And quantity in the pipes .. Whenever we get a result more

Electric Power :

-Circuit voltage applied to the connector leads to the flow of electrons. Effort is
Force and the flow of electrons is the movement. do the job rate of the so-called "energy"power and represent
Symbol "P". measured in energy units "watt"watts and represents the symbol "W". known as the watt
"The rate of work done in a circle at the current of 1 amp of effort due to the application of 1

Laws (formats) the ability

Energy consumed in the resistance depends on the amount of current that passes through the resistance at
The application of a particular effort. which is expressed Bhasal hit effort in the current.
P = E x I
P = EI

It can also calculate the energy by replacing the (compensation) other components of Ohm's law.

P = I2R
P = E2 / R


Specifications Capacity (consumption rate) Equipment Power Rating

Rate is estimated Istlak equipment in watts. This rate index on the rate at which the play equipment
Electric convert electrical energy into other forms of energy such as heat or
Light. the rate of consumption of the lamp house is common for voltage220 ​​volts) 110 volts) is 100
watts. using Ohm's law can calculate the resistance of the lamp.

Using Ohm's law the basic Imkmen calculate the value of current flowing in the lamp his 120 volt
And its
100 watt.

And if the rate of the lamp voltage 120 volts and capacity of 75 watts are 192 current resistance
0.625 amps through it when connected to rated voltage (120 volts).

Can be observed that the 100 watt lamp converts energy more quickly from the lamp 75
watt. lamp
100 watt, and will give more light and heat.


Passage of current through the material resistance causes heat. could beharmed (damaged) items
Electricity if the temperature is too high. That is why the classification ofequipment
Electrical often on the basis of maximum consumption rate of the capacity of the so-called "power
Power "wattage. the higher the rate the wattage wattage the higher the possibility of
Equipment can dispel (distracting) dissipate heat.

P .. Measured in watt "Watt"
Proportion of the world Scottish James Watt
James Watt


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