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  Half wave rectifier circuit

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Half wave rectifier circuit   Sat 12 Mar 2011, 8:32 am

Half wave rectifier circuit


This topic deals with ways to obtain the constant voltage needed to run any electronic device
Initially will be limited to talk about how to design
Units to feed a continuous stream is the effort ..
This is important to assist those interested and novices in
Electronic Engineering.

Is the simplest of circuits feeding the unorganized dc .. It consists of ..

Transformer ..

The electricity is an important part in most of the circuits
Nutrition .. It is the effort to reduce the AC source
110 or 220 volts to a small effort can
Him in the operation circuit ..

Rectification :

Reference to the characteristics of the link bilateral and that does not allow the passage of current only in one direction
.. This feature is used in turning the tide
AC to DC, where the duo passes only the positive part of sine wave
, Which represents the wave of the source of electricity year ..

Form of a wave source
Public electricity ..

Waveform after the switch, "low voltage"

Wave form after the Department of consolidation ..

Conclude that if he were to reverse the common "
Diode "I will get to represent the wave
Negative half-wave of the original .. The spectrum
Because the LED will not be allowed to pass through the positive part
Through it .. And consists of reversed polarity output ..

Value Vdc continuous effort will not be worth zero
As is the case in the wave hesitant ..
It will have a value according to the formula known
The Department of half wave
Vdc = Vm / 3.14 = 0.318 Vm
Where Vm is the maximum value it is directed

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Half wave rectifier circuit
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