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  AC Voltage Stabilizers

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PostSubject: AC Voltage Stabilizers      AC Voltage Stabilizers I_icon_minitimeSat 12 Mar 2011, 9:52 am

AC Voltage Stabilizers


The low voltage AC or increase it a very serious impact on devices
Electrical and Electronic, usually have the AC voltage in the house adjacent to the distribution transformers in residential areas is greater than the rated, while the effort in
Houses away from distribution transformers rated less than, note that the effort may be changed
From one moment to another depending on network loads, and this means that, if the rated voltage 220
Volts, it sometimes happens that the voltage rises in some areas up to 270 volts,
While it may be reduced in other areas to 160 volts, and therefore advised to use services
Organization and the installation of the electrical effort

Kinds of voltage stabilizers, AC

Voltage stabilizers Hand 1

Organizations in the effort can be controlled manually from the outside and when the need arises ..
This is done by putting the files change and raise or lower voltage output ..

   AC Voltage Stabilizers Ac_reg10

Installed manual effort consists of a self-adapter fork points
Different, either in primary or secondary side to change the conversion ratio of the transformer

2 automatic voltage stabilizers

Element is the basis of voltage stabilizers, transformers are self

   AC Voltage Stabilizers Stabil10

Automatic voltage converter and notes that the adapter's file and Lahej and be
The ratio between the input voltage Vin to output voltage
Vout is equal to

Vout / Vin
= N2 / N1


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AC Voltage Stabilizers
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