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PostSubject: Diac   Sat 12 Mar 2011, 10:06 am


Installation Dayak

[size=18]Dayak is an item with the parties and contains five layers, which is a two-way can
Transition from the pieces (OFF) to the connection status (ON) regardless of the direction of polar
Through the terminal.

Shows the basic structure of the terminal conducts Diack, where the two regions P and Almujptin Almsnootain of
Silicon Mufsolten class N.

Where the general building, but there are fundamental differences distinguish the Dayak transistor including

A semi-clear distinction between the Dayak and the transistor
1 - There is no third-party online base layer.
Therefore does not have both sides of the elevator (the anode) Anode and cathode (cathode) Kathode and
Will call the parties to the Dayak T1, T2 each party as possible to pass the voltage depending on the precedence
Voltage on it.
2 - concentration of charge carriers die, Ethel (other than the transistor) and so gives the properties of similar
Plug in both directional

Properties Dayak

When it sheds a negative or a positive effort by the parties to Dayak, will pass through a stream diversion is very small
, With the increase in this effort, the stream is getting a little diversion, but keep the value of the current Low
IBO Dayak and remains open to the trend does not pass that up effort on both sides of the Dayak effort
Value Break over voltag VBO then collapse and link Dayak resistance and become negative, meaning
That the current through Dayak increases with lack of applied voltage on it.
That is, when less than the value of the applied voltage on the VBO for Dayak Dayak allows the passage of a large movement
It is therefore clear that the Dayak passes a current when a large value of Vw and effort but we have to pass on
Effort of the Break over voltage first.

Applications Dayak

Dayak is usually used in control circuits in the voltage, such as:
1 - Circuit to reduce lighting (Light Dimming).
2 - control circuits in the heat.
3 - control circuits in motor speed general-purpose
4 - Although Altrellak can be up to the connection status by the Department of cup-ohmic
Simple, but that there is the possibility of using the fastest opening Diack respectively with gate

This method of scanning Dayak :

Examined by Alavomitr is connected to the two indicators on the outskirts of Dayak then reversed should give you a
Reading about the same and not be invalid


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