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PostSubject: Varistor   Sat 12 Mar 2011, 11:15 am



Variable resistance
When certain conditions (note how they were derived
Name Varistor
Variable resistance)


Applied on the circuit. The effort is intended
Excess transit is what it's like lightning, the value of
High-voltage pulse to pass quickly to the
Very short time. Called in
English Spike,
Alvaristur used to protect the circuit
Against excessively high voltage and transit

Example applications Alvaristur

Suppose that a circuit is applied at
Ends 220 volts AC, suddenly and conditions
Certain increased voltage to 400 volts for
Very short (fractions of a second) and then returned
To 220 volts again, this effort the
400, which appeared and disappeared very quickly
We call the effort plus transient Spike.

Alvaristur also called by another name is
Resistance based on voltage
Dependant Resistor
And to shorten the VDR.

The following figure is a part of the tear-off
Department of Computer Power Supply, and which is referred to
One of the icons used to refer to

Common Varistor is a symbol of resistance variable is written below the character V signal to change
Value of the resistance according to voltage)

Resulting from this sudden rise in the voltage of Abulfaz L to fuse
Fuse (F1) to Alvaristur (Z1) to Althirmistur (NTCR1) to Alniotral (N), this
Current Vilv be great either himself or Alvaristur fuse or Althirmistur or
Both this and we have defended the rest of the circuit.
Note also that in Figure Alvaristur up between Abulfaz L
Alniotral and N is here when you enter the spike down to the line resistanceAlvaristur quickly

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