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PostSubject: Thermistor   Sun 13 Mar 2011, 8:59 pm



Althermistur is essentially a variable resistance
(non-linear), but change with temperature change and not change the value of the voltage as
Is the case with Alvaristur.

Kind of

Negative thermal coefficient thermistor NTC
The change in the resistance of the adverse change in the degree
Temperature, in the sense that at first the temperature is normal (25 degrees Celsius) would
Significant resistance, with high temperature resistance value begins to decline.
This type is the most famous and widely used in protection circuits within the fallow Supply of all kinds. Of course, reputable companies that take into
Organs Althirmistur NTC. Althirmistur positive thermal coefficient PTC
Direction of any change increasing the high degree of resistance
Temperature and less than a fall.
The first type (Althirmistur NTC) is the most famous
And used in protection circuits within the fallow Supply of all kinds. Of course, companies
Which is a respectable place in the organs Althirmistur NTC. From here I will focus in the commentary
This type NTC.

Althirmistur electrical appliance?

When you run any
Electric wall plug device, the amount of rushes
Large electric current to the device for
Simple (fractions of a second) has been received after that
And quickly to the value of stability, or stability
steady state. This rush of the stream in
Start-up called in English
Inrush current. Any device in the world works
When it runs on electricity occurs rush
Of the stream to a very short period before settling to
Constant value to him. Value stream rush =
Weak stream stability at least. If
The device draws 3.5 amps (for example) in the development of
Stability at the beginning of its operation, it pulls
About 10 amps for a very short time (parts of
Stream rush this hurts some of the elements
Within the electronic device, especially
With the frequency will arise with every time you start
Now using the NTC Althirmistur we can get rid or at
At least minimize the damage by a large margin because
Althirmistur NTC is to prevent the rush current
Of traffic or at least reduce the value of
To be borne by the degree of electronic components. Of
Here called sometimes Althirmistur
NTC last name is a specific stream rush
Inrush Current Limiter and to shorten the ICL.
Specific work stream rush ICL (ie
Althirmistur NTC)

The following figures display some photos of the Thirmistur. Color black is common, but you may
Find another color such as green or yellow, for example (see Photo Gallery below).

Sometimes it is hidden inside the plastic wrap as the following picture

cheers cheers

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