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 Sensitive thermal LM35

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Sensitive thermal LM35   Sun 13 Mar 2011, 9:11 pm

Sensitive thermal

Is an integrated circuit IC in every sense of the word gives us the change in voltage proportional to the change in temperature .. Give us a 10mv
Per degree Celsius ..

Proved negative and the sensor on the ground If you have a temperature as it is now in my room
35C degrees Celsius and you will read on the swim Barqk Alofumtr 350mv of course by mistake
Acceptable ... If the room you have, my dear-conditioned and the temperature up to 20C degree
C will be read Alofumtr 200mv and so on ...

You can test the sensor plug the No. 1 to the voltage 5v and party No. 3 to ground or
The negative Party No. 2 and is in the middle represents the output (output voltage applied to the sensitive
Download the 10k resistance and measure the output voltage between the ends) Place the sensor Alavomitr

:: The accuracy of this sensitive and 0.5C are good for most of our applications.

:: Effort, ranging from nutrition 4v to 30v.

:: Temperatures with which it deals ranging from 55 below zero to 150 degrees Celsius above

:: And was recalled that the relationship between written entirely temperature sensitive and out of each 10mv
1C degrees Celsius.

To measure the temperature we can use thermal resistors
PTC, NTC, which varies
Resistance, negatively or positively with the temperature change .. You can also use thermocouple ..
But we, we choose the sensor LM35 is a more accurate and very easy to deal with
To the point that I considered it a separate thermometer in itself gives us the temperature on the screen
Alofumtr simply ... Then be written in the element is important that we use to measure the degree of
Heat or anything else Khdp lighting for example ..
And this is what you do not find in the thermal resistors have to connect to a selection to get a private
Written between the temperature and the value of resistance in the field of thermal and from 0 to 100 degrees
Percentage of cases the best ... But it is cheap

santa santa

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Sensitive thermal LM35
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