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PostSubject: Relay   Mon 14 Mar 2011, 10:08 am


Alreli ruling or "relay" is one of the oldest and most important electrical components and is a component of electromagnetic ..
That is, they need electricity to produce a magnetic enough to attract the points of contact and act as if
Was the key to electric

Components Alrelip

Alrlip file consists of an electric coiled around a rod of iron and also a point or a group of
Electrical points which closes or opens

Modus operandi Alreli electrical Relay

Form Alreli

Alreli comes in many forms, and very many points of contact

Some forms of Alrelip

Types Alrelip

The most important component ratings Alreli is according to the number of points of contact and method of
SPST - 1P1T -

* Single Pole Single Throw
* In other words, Riley contain points of contact and one is working Kamfattah

* SPDT - 1P2T - Single Pole Double Throw
It Alrelip containing the points of contact and works Ka keybilateral
NC - Normal Close
.. It closed before you connect the dots
Electric current to the Rayleigh and open when connected

NO - Normal Open .. Points open before connecting
Electric current to the Rayleigh and close at

  • DPDT - 2P2T - Double Pole Double Throw

    Riley has points of contact and works Ka dual-key

An example of a simple application

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