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  Solid State Relay SSR

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PostSubject: Solid State Relay SSR   Mon 14 Mar 2011, 10:53 am

Solid State Relay SSR

DC electronic keys

Keys work DC electronic "DC Solidstate
Relay "to link and the separation of the ongoing efforts, and are
Control of small signal voltage constant (voltage reference)

The following figure shows a circuit for power electronic switches

Upon the arrival of +5 V input signal beam of light emitted from D2, turning transistor Q3 of the state
Focal complex effort will move to the base of transistor Q3 Q2 Q2 and turns to the situation of saturation, respectively
Q4 turns to the situation of saturation and thus current flows specified in the access transistor Q4 of pregnancy
It then becomes a key is closed, and bilateral D1 works to protect the income from the reflection of the polar
The transistor Q1 kindled against the Department of effort to increase income from income limits,
Turns to the situation where the focal point when increasing the current in D2 due to the increasing input voltage, which
Leads to increase the voltage on the outskirts of the resistance R2, which represents the voltage between the base and emitter
Transistor Q1 and the resistance R1 in this case, select the current passing
In the Department of

The following figure shows the model code
Available in the market

  • AC Switches
Keys work the AC electronic arrived in separate efforts hesitant, and is
Control of small signal voltage constant (voltage reference).
Electronic keys are divided into AC power
AC electronic keys are randomly ignited Random trigger Switch.
AC electronic keys are ignited for a moment crossing zero
Zero voltage trigger

The difference between these two types is clear from the following figure

Valmujp 1: a voltage source electrical outlet.
And Wave 2: Ignition voltage (input signal).
Wave 3: output voltage when the ignition random.
And wave 4: output voltage when the ignition moment of zero crossing.

Valical random is the moment you arrive in the control signal regardless of
Firing angle, causing high currents passage as well as generate RFI radio waves occur
Interference with nearby electronic devices, while the ignition moment of zero crossing
Free of these drawbacks

The following figure shows the electronic circuit to switch AC AC-mail ignites
The moment of zero crossing

When the arrival of an ongoing effort to signal to the parties income saturated Q2 Q4 when triggering Ierstor effort
Close to zero, and become R5 and Q4 as a Download of the bridge BR1, and in turn pass stream
Ignition in the gate Altrellak Q5, and turns to the situation Altrellak link.

It is worth mentioning that when the instantaneous voltage of the AC power source greater than 20V
Collapse bilateral Alzenr D3, thus converting the transistor Q3 of the state and causing a short link between
Gate and Cathode Ierstor Q4 will prevent this from becoming Ierstor of the state and thus link
Ensure that the ignition is at the corners very close to zero only.
And works to protect the bilateral D1-income department of the reflection-polarization, and is working on the Q1
Protection Department of the income from increased effort on the permissible limits, and a Chamber
Consisting of c1 and R6 circle Snubber trap to prevent the ignition Altrellak a result of the change
Rapid AC voltage source.
Once the transformation of the state Altrellak Q5 link up to the electrical load

The following figure shows the key code AC AC-mail


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Solid State Relay SSR
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