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PostSubject: PWM   Mon 14 Mar 2011, 11:46 am


The definition of PWM

Abbreviation for Pulse Width Modulation. Is intended to send a wave of square or rectangular
sqare wave of this wave is a hi and low, as is well known, for example, if we have a source of AC voltage wave, and we did it through Almaekerokntrulr example, this wave may make
Average output voltage is less than five volts (4 volts or 3 or 2.4 or as we want ..), and
Important information for dc motor that lower voltage inside him whenever I

PWM wave form

As you see that the PWM is a pulse or Puls has a beginning and her end of the pulse
Consists of the following
Ton & Toff & Ttotal

Interest PWM

Is to control the values ​​of analog values ​​by digital means I can control the volts on Duty

Duty cycle definition

Is responsible for the voltage output from the process of PWM, which is a percentage. For example, if
We had a five volt voltage source and made ​​the duty cycle of fifty percent 50% of the
Voltage output rate would be 2.5 volts. If we made the duty cycle of twenty-five in
25% percent, the rate of output voltage will be 1.25 volts, and so on


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