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 microprocessor Avrs10

Explain the installation of the microprocessor CPU

Almikrosberr or a microprocessor .. Was made ​​the first microprocessor at the beginning of the seventies
Almaekerobrosissour consists of central processing unit
Called to the CPU and is an acronym for Central
Processing Unit
And of the two link - a connecting the processor with
Middle and outer - the logical and commonly called
Peripheral I / O Ports

Components of the microprocessor CPU

 microprocessor Cpu10

Program memory is very small and has been designed to save
A small part of the program (and is usually part
Reading and writing to and from the EEPROM). Are also
Store the addresses of some of the information provided in the
External memory EEPROM
We have also a small capacity RAM RAM
Therefore Valmaekerobrosissour need to memory
Help and this requires that the two contact
Composed of two parts

1- Data Lines

The entrance of data that must be delivered
For the processor to process it.
And have 8 or 16 or 32 Pin entrance depending on the type
Ability of any processor and 8-bit or 16-bit or 32-bit
As these data are usually available in memory
External assistance

2- Address Lines

Who shall put the processor address in the form of 8 or 16
Or 32-bit and then reads the information needed by the
Through the Data Entry Data Lines.

A way out of the processor sends it addresses
The information provided in the middle and outer (memory
Assistance, for example).
An example of some types of processors
Almaekerobrosissour 68 000 is a processor from a company
Motorola processor and the famous Z80.


The Almaekerobrosissour can not
Operates independently without the presence of some assistance, such as
Memory, for example! If we look at the circle containing
Wizard Maekerobrosissour we can see that near
Assistance of the processor cores such as ROM-EPROM-EEPROM.
If the cycle of Almaekerobrosissour is the most complex
Of Almacairokntrul


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