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PostSubject: Capacitors   Tue 15 Mar 2011, 9:46 am



Capacitors are the other elements of the electronic components and lowly is essential to control the flow of electric charge in the electronic circuit.
Called also takes place because it is
To intensify and keep within the shipment, such as a battery for instantaneous
Contains intensive two surfaces
Deliverers separated from each other insulation .. And is connected with the parties to the intensive biplane

Parties just arrived in the intensive flow of electric charge and collect on the surface of the board .. Shipments
Positive on one of the panels .. And negative on the other .. The spectrum that both shipments are trying to
Cross the barrier separating the shipment to gravitate to other
Panels will remain intense charged until after the separation effort by the battery .. This is evident in this
Example .. Which can be intensified by the use of Ka battery for a short time

Stream depends on the value of the shipment of heavy resistance connected to it ..

The fundamental factors that affect the capacitance

The size of the surface area of the condenser plates ..
The capacitance is directly proportional to surface area of the plates, if the increasedsurface area of ​​the board
Increased capacitance and to increase their capacity for electric charge, and vice versa lesscapacitance
As I said this space

The distance between the plates
Carrying capacity when increasing the distance between the plates and increases as thedistance that I said that any
There is an inverse relationship between capacitance and the space between the planks.

Center separation (foam)
Individuals called farads
.. Proportion to the world of physics and chemistry's Michael Faraday
Michael Faraday and was born in
September 22, 1791 and died in August 25, 1867

Types of capacitors

1. Intensive chemotherapy Electrolytic Capacitor

2. Intensive ceramic Ceramic Capacitor

3. Variable capacitors

4. Capacitors Slide
Film Capacito

Michael Faraday

Since the value is
Individuals one very high capacity capacitor .. Vana always use the parts of individuals to express
For capacitance Ka Almicrawfrad μF .. Or nano-individuals
nF .. Pico or individuals
pF ..

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